Preset Status

Most of the old age homes are established in a small area where the elderly people are almost kept confined within the boundary walls of the old age home. Amarawati will be an exception in this regard. It is established in a plot of land of approximate area 31 bighas (approx. 10.4acres) at a distance of about 12Km from Jorhat Town, free from all hectic activities of urban area. The plot is also at a distance of about 1Km from the mighty Brahmaputra River. The foundation of the project was laid on 23 June 2013. The plot is secured by boundary walls on the front side and fencing on all other sides. On one side of the entrance an Assam type house is constructed for office as well as waiting room for visitors. On the other side another Assam type house is constructed for security office and store room, and a hall is constructed for a weaving and handicraft center.

The plot was a low land, which was filled up by digging a lake of size 50 meter in length and 110 meter wide(Water area). The lake will not only provide drinking water for the home but will also be utilized as fishery for cultivation of fish and duck farming. The campus is planted with traditional fruit plants and different areas are preserved for paddy field and vegetable garden.

Our Achievements so far:

  1. Total land acquired:14 bigha of land (4.7acre) donated by Sri Baikuntha Mahanta and family of Sri Sri Letugram Elengi Satra, 17 bigha of land (5.7acre) acquired through purchase and donation by the well wishers.
  2. A two storied building with 20 rooms(10 rooms in each floor) with attached bathroom and latrine with dining hall and store room has already been completed.
  3. The Entrance Gate(Turan) costing Rs.4 lacs(Rs.3lacs donated by Sri Khirod Das of Darangi Chuk, Jorhat.
  4. Solar panels at building top donated by Oil India Limited, Duliajan for providing solar power (approx 10 KVA)
  5. Dip tube well with filter system for internal water supply donated by Kakojan Durga Mandir.
  6. Electricity connection to the campus by APDCL Contractors association.
  7. A Community toilet by Public Health Engineering Department, Jorhat.
  8. A vermi compost production project donated by Assam Agriculture University.
  9. An open air conference hall of conical shape having the design of Assamese Japi
  10. An office building at the entrance.
  11. A store room and a weaving hall in front of the office building.
  12. A lake in a plot of land of approximately 5 bigha in area already completed for fishery and duck farming.
  13. Another  lake of approximately 10 bigha in area is already dug and fish farming started which will be used as bird sanctuary for tourist attraction.
  14. Foundation stone for prayer house was laid on 04/12/2019 and construction is in progress.
  15. Foundation stone for Amarawati Clinical Centre was laid on 02/10/2021 and construction is in progress.

        A number of kind hearted people have donated rooms for Amarawati in the name of their kith and kins. The ground floor of the residential building with 10 rooms with attached latrine – bathroom and a common kitchen has already been completed with the fund provided by donors and presently allotted to the inmates of the home. An open air conference hall Tapoban Swara (of conical shape) is constructed by the side of the lake with donation money for visitors as well as for internal conferences. As no major fund is received from the state or from the central government, the committee has to depend mainly on the donations from individuals and social organizations and on membership fees only. The facilities are developed in phased manner depending on the funds collected.

       For infrastructure development of the home a huge amount of fund will be required, it will not be possible to develop the infrastructure only with donations and membership fees. All kind hearted people are requested to donate generously and offer valuable suggestions so that one of the largest old age homes of India can be completed as early as possible.