Source Of Fund

During 2013-14 a project proposal amounting to Rs. 30.00 Crore was submitted to the Ministry of DoNER through the state nodal agency, Planning and Development Department, Govt. of Assam. The project is not yet sanctioned by the Government. At present the works of the Ashram is going on from the fund received from membership fees and donation only. Schemes are submitted to ONGC, OIL, LIC, SBI, NRL etc for fund for infrastructure development and hope for assistance from the CSR fund. Membership Fee is collected in the following categories.

Membership: Membership is open to all people having soft corner and happy to bring smile among the old people who are homeless ,neglected or in distress. As per precondition the inclusion of General Member is registered for five years on payment of Rs. 5000/- each. The same procedure is also in force till now. After adoption of the state constitution the inclusion of membership has been revised and membership received till date are as follows:

1. General member @ Rs 1000 and above, till date no 7
2. Life member @ Rs 5000 and above, till date no 627
3. Member of Excellence @ Rs 10000/- and above, till date no 619
4. Donor Member @ Rs. 50000/- and above, till date no 48
5. Patron Member @ Rs. 100000/- and above, till date no 43
6. Donors of rooms @ 600000 per room, till date no 17

The public response is found to be very encouraging so far, apart from Assam, members from Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh have also contributed for this noble cause.

There is provision for donating in terms of the cost of an unit like a room, an ambulance, prayer house, hospital, community hall etc which will be dedicated in the name of the donor or any family member whichever the donor likes. The minimum unit cost is Rs 6 lacs for a residential room. Persons who are interested in donating a room or any unit in the name of their parents or any family member or otherwise can donate accordingly. Such donors are requested to contact the President /Secretary of the committee or send an e-mail at the address given in our website. The President/ Secretary will contact the person and make necessary arrangements for the same.

Project proposals will be submitted to different funding agencies including State and Central Government, for allocation of fund for infrastructure development.

Sufficient land is acquired for Amarawati in order to implement different fund generating schemes so that a major portion of the recurring expenditure can be met from these schemes.

A huge amount of fund will be required to completion of the Old Age Homes in Jorhat. A section of kind hearted people have come forward with helping hands but more funds will be needed for completion of the project. Doors are open to all kind hearted people for donation for the noble cause.